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A repository of abbreviations for references, e.g., for conferences, journals, institutes, etc.

Journal Abbreviations

Title File Author/Contributor Note
General journal_abbreviations_general.csv    
American Chemical Society journal_abbreviations_acs.csv J. Gutow  
American Economic Association journal_abbreviations_aea.csv Jeff Arnold (as posted on the AEA website) Source. GitHub.
American Mathematical Society journal_abbreviations_ams.csv Tzu-Hao Wei, minor additions by Matthias Mayr.  
Année philologique journal_abbreviations_annee-philologique.csv Domenico Cufalo Provides non-ISO abbreviations only.
Astronomy journal_abbreviations_astronomy.csv Tim Staley Source. Please contribute using GitHub.
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut journal_abbreviations_dainst.csv Lukas C. Bossert. Note: provides non-ISO abbreviations only.  
Entrez journal_abbreviations_entrez.csv Emmanuel Charpentier Provides Medline (dotless) abbreviations only.
Geology and Physics journal_abbreviations_geology_physics.csv anonymous user and Jonas Lähnemann.  
IEEE journal_abbreviations_ieee.csv Thomas Arildsen and “eyliu”  
Index Medicus journal_abbreviations_medicus.csv Guy Tsafnat Provides Medline (dotless) abbreviations only.
ISI Web of Science (with dots) journal_abbreviations_webofscience-dots.csv Alistair Auffret  
ISI Web of Science (dotless) journal_abbreviations_webofscience-dotless.csv Alistair Auffret  
Life Science journal_abbreviations_lifescience.csv Zé Roberto Ribeiro  
Mathematics journal_abbreviations_mathematics.csv   From MathSciNet (look for “(CSV file)”), generated by
Mechanical and biomechanical journal_abbreviations_mechanical.csv anonymous user  
Meteorology journal_abbreviations_meteorology.csv Thijs Heus  
Sociology journal_abbreviations_sociology.csv Ronggui Huang  

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